"Do things your way" 

I'm Constance Murphy, personal and fashion stylist.
Style, for me, is a reflection of ourselves, it's a form of expression, of showing what we do and who we are.
On Mursway, I share fashion tips, beauty advice, how-tos and inspiration with people from all over the world to help them improve their image, confidence and make it easy for them to dress up every day.

As a stylist, I help men and women to be the best version of themselves by enhancing or finding their style, taking into account their needs, age, body, profession, lifestyle and budget. I also advise them about colour combinations, how to put outfits together for different occasions and about what type of garments suit them and which ones they should avoid. 

You can find out more about my work here www.constancemurphy.com

ES: Soy Constance Murphy, estilista personal, de moda y personal shopper.
El estilo, para mí, es un reflejo de nosotros mismos. Es una forma de expresión, de mostrar lo que hacemos y quienes somos.
En Mursway, comparto mis tips, consejos de belleza, moda e inspiración con personas de todo el mundo con el fin de ayudar a mejorar su imagen, confianza y facilitarles la tarea de vestirse día a día.                                                                                           
Como estilista, ayudo a hombres y mujeres a ser la mejor versión de sí mismospotenciando su estilo o encontrándolo, teniendo en cuenta sus necesidades, edad, cuerpo, profesión y presupuesto. Además, los asesoro sobre la combinación de colores, armado de outfits para cada ocasión y qué prendas son las que más les favorecen y cuáles deben evitar.

Pueden visitar mi web y ver mis servicios aquí www.constancemurphy.com


The beginning and the why of the name:
From a really young age, everything that has to do with clothes, make-up and dressing up caught my attention.
I remember when my parents gave me my first Barbie (which I still have) when I was 4, she was a princess with a turquoise dress and a little blue bird. I was so obsessed that after a week she has already had more than seven dresses, and all I wanted to do was to rush out from school to play with her (oh, the good old days). I think that that very first moment when I hold her in my hand I knew it, I knew that fashion was going to have a very important place in my life. And so it was.
 Whenever I have a little spare time I enjoy going to fashion shows and attending beauty events.
Along with that, another thing that I really like is reading magazines and browsing different blogs and web pages about fashion and beauty. But after a long time of being a reader, I realised that I no longer wanted to just read about fashion or look at other people style, I wanted to share my own too.
Et voilá! That was when Mursway was born. A mixture of Murphy, my surname, and way, as a synonym of style. Because suppose you give 5 different women the same pair of jeans, none of them would style them the same, would they? I don't think so. Fashion is about self-expression and MURSWAY is the showroom to mine.
I really hope you like it and enjoy reading it and feel to leave comments or write me to contact@mursway.com